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Port Sail Charters
Operating Sailing Yacht Sweet Waters.  Reg. No DTD 085R, Charter license no 8025,
Owned by Port Sail Close Corporation Reg. No. CKJ90/10587/23
P O Box 101161; Richards Bay, 3900,KZN,  South Africa;
GPS coordinates - 28°47'38.13"S - 32° 4'44.19"E
Mobile  +27 (0) (73) 1 5678 25; E-mail Fax +27 (0) (86)  673 8407
E-mail izak@izak.co.za ; nicki@portsail.co.za
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Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Richards-Bay/Yacht-Sweet-Waters/166836190988?ref=mf  
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Provisional Booking
Your charter has been provisionally booked for [ _ ] adults and [ nil ] children under 12 under our maximum of [ 20 ] passengers and 3 crew per trip for a [ harbour] cruise on the [ __th ] day of [ _________ ] [ 2012] from [ __h00 ] to [ __h00 ] viz. [ _ hrs  ]

The cost for your charter as booked will be  [  R _,____.__ ]  


The booking can be confirmed by making a 50% deposit to the account detailed below. Please note that deposits are not refundable against cancellation or re-scheduling, as the timeslot would have been lost due to it having prevented any alternative business.   

Bank                                                FNB
Account    Name                             Port    Sail Charters
Branch name                                  Richards    Bay
Code                                                220    830
Account Number                            620    8077 2463    

NB. Please remember to bring a copy of the proof of deposit along to the charter and also to e-mail a copy to izak@izak.co.za in the mean time so that we can change your booking status to confirmed. We cannot board you without that documentation. You will be issued a tax invoice on payment of the balance. Should you however require one for administrative purposes beforehand, please let us know and we will e-mail one to you.  


Our Marine Insurers require that no person may be embarked unless we are in funds. Accordingly, until the balance of payment is made (and in the case of EFT transfers the amount actually appears as cleared funds on the charter company’s banking account) or the charter company is in possession of suitable securities
, no refunds of deposits paid can be made if the balance is not paid or the security proffered is not accepted and the charter is unable to ensue as booked. There are no exceptions, not even if you are a division of government or a listed corporate. Moreover, we are an SMME providing services in the tourism sector and not a financial services provider as provided for in the Act and therefore may not and cannot finance outstanding invoices or charge interest for such loans.  We are sure you understand.

Until a charter booking is confirmed by the payment of a deposit the seats may be allocated on a first pay first serve basis, so please ensure that the booking is confirmed before making final arrangements.  

Also please note that anyone wanting the kind of exhaustive information as one would require for a listed corporate in order to register us as a vendor will be required to lodge suitable securities in a trust account nominated by us under signature of a confidentiality, intellectual property and non circumvention agreement. We have no problem if you would prefer paying us through one of your registered vendors like a travel agency or restaurant etc. You need to make such an arrangement with vendor and us beforehand of course.  


The charter party will embark at the NPA designated chartering pick up point at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront in the Richards Bay Small Craft Harbour. Please be at the embarkation point 20 minutes prior to the proposed departure time, as we need to complete the charter ticket and receipt for the deposit (as well as balance of the   charter costs  -that has to be paid prior to departure to cover insurance costs). Please note that whilst we are prepared to wait for late arrivals only if the vessel has been booked out by one group, the cruise time might be curtailed due to the fact that we need to be back at the docks to prepare for the charter guests that have booked the next time slot. Between charters we also need to attend to routine maintenance and safety regime checks, or for attendance at maritime related business and briefings. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via return e-mail or on my mobile at 073 1 5678 25.


NO REFUNDS whatsoever will be paid to persons who arrive late or have missed the charter due to being late, lost or for whatever reason. We start taking on standby bookings 15 minutes prior to arrival so if your party is not there at least 20 minutes in advance, it will be assumed that we have a no-show and we will attempt to sell the space available to passengers listed on any standby list. Should you call and advise us that you are late, we will poll the existing passengers and if they do not wish to have their charter curtailed we will advise you that we are unable to wait for you, or make any refunds. Please note that this is a condition of charter that has developed due to the rather unfortunate, inconsiderate and abusive behaviour of certain members of the public who book spaces and then do not turn up and thereby deny other potential customers a chance to go out at that time. If no confirmatory deposit is received at least a day before the charter booked, please note that the space may be sold on a first come first serve basis. Please be so kind as to keep us abreast of developments timeously so that our planning and that of our guests is not affected.

School bookings.

Please note that the full amount needs to be paid at least 2 days in advance and there will absolutely be no refunds if the numbers have changed or the charter party arrives late. Please ensure that your transport providers are on time and that they know where to come well in advance. Also ensure that if there are several groups to be taken out that the next group is ready and waiting for their trip as scheduled as delays will curtail the time booked for the charter as we need time to prepare for the charter booked after your school charter is finished. Keep us informed of developments or cancellations so that we can plan accordingly and have the opportunity to sell that charter slot to someone else. Please keep your cell phone connected en route to us so that we can contact you if need be.


Our our rates are the cheapest in the country:-

Peak  periods are during November December and January.
Peak period rates for Harbour Cruises are R 125.00 per person per hour and for children under 12 it is R 100.00
Min no required is 8 persons
The two-hour trip is R 200.00 for adults and R 180.00 for children under 12. Min no required is 6 persons
Our rates decrease when the booking is for 20  people and the timeslot exceeds 3 hours.

Peak days are on (Dec 24, 25, 26, 31, Jan 1, Feb 14)
On these days prices have a 30% surcharge to cover overtime and peak day insurance rates etc.

Please note that if your booking number is under our maximum carrying capacity of 20, we may combine your charter with another grouping of people in order to accommodate as many inquiries as we can. Should you wish to secure the vessel for a private function (especially during our busy periods) the cost will be as for 20 persons unless prior alternative arrangements have been made.

Off shore trips

Offshore trips may be limited during peak periods and are unavailable on peak days.

We use two to three crew for those trips so we are able to take five to six passengers.
Cost is R 400.00 per person for a two-hour trip and we need a minimum of 3 people or R 1,200.00 to cross the bar.

Costs for longer trips are by previous arrangement.
For a sea cruise it is always safest to take an anti-nausea tablet like Stugeron or Cimarazine at least half an hour before the cruise. Avoid large fatty breakfasts. You are welcome to brings snacks and drinks along. Do not forget the camera!!

International trips

We now also hold a license for 6 passenger and 2 crew for unlimited ocean voyages.

These are participatory cruises so passengers must be prepared to fit in with a watch keeping regime whilst on passage. These trips are ideal for people wanting to accumulate sea miles needed to qualify for coastal skipper or yacht-master certification etc. Our Captain holds commercial certification so the sea time can also be logged as tutored time. Trips are weather dependant as the East Coast of Africa is known as one of the world’s most dangerous coastlines.

Quoted on inquiry. Quotes are tailor made following an extensive preferences and fact finding exercise.

Important note.

Please note that this is our last season in Richards Bay as we are retiring and going cruising next year. As a result the family is living aboard so below decks is out of bounds.

Please ensure that you and your guests have been to the toilet before embarkation as the toilet facilities will not be available.

The usual awning is also decommissioned so if it is raining, please bring a raincoat and umbrella.


You are allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks along, even breakfast, lunch or dinner supplied by your favourite caterer or restaurant. The restaurants closest to us like, The View, Dros, Maritino’s, Porky’s, Slipway Bar, Thai Wok, The Shack and Little Switzerland all supply a variety of foods and snacks fresh to the vessel.  Also try one of the function caterers like Jolly’s Catering on (082) 8700 377) catering as they do most of the catering for the large corporate clients in Richards Bay. You can pay them direct or through us or even include our charter fee with their invoice if they are one of your registered vendors.  There is a lot of space above and below decks for snacks and drinks. We also have some function co-coordinators that will do all the groundwork for you if you wish. Ask us about them! Should you have a caterer that is a vendor to your company, you could ask us to arrange to have us invoice them and make payment so as to facilitate paying one    party.  

Team Building     

A teambuilding exercise can take longer than two hours and various forms. Most people just use the setting of the yacht in the harbour on a very laid back cruise to help people to relax completely and get to know one another better.  Getting them to make suggestions on how to sail the vessel and grading those suggestions on a points system is a lot of fun and can at the same time target things like leadership skills and the ability to think laterally and out of the box etc. There are endless ideas on this topic. Call us with your ideas and lets work together to make it an event never to be forgotten.  

Most popular cruises

Sunset cruises are the most popular cruises as one is able to see the sunset over the water and behind the harbour, see the harbour lights come on and do a bit of sailing on the   evening wind (if it is not too weak or too strong). We often also see the two resident families of humpback dolphins.  Fish eagles abound as do a variety of other sea birds.  It starts in daylight and takes you through the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront development. We then set sail at the harbour mouth and sail down to the commercial end as the sunsets and the lights come flickering on. All while the birds return home in their low flying squadrons and the dolphins seek out the bow of the yacht to play and wave us goodnight.  Then return to the romantically lit Tuzi Gazi Waterfront, while sipping cocktails accompanied by a snack from your BYO picnic basket all accompanied by some romantic night music. What a way to set the scene for a romantic dinner at one of the excellent restaurants just a few steps from where you disembark.

Attire etc.

Please ensure that your guests wear soft-soled shoes as we have Burmese teak decks that could crack or get marked with high heels etc.  Bring along a rain coat and umbrella if it looks like rain. In winter bring a wind breaker if you are acclimatized to tropical weather.


Richards Bay is a tropical paradise with a completely safe and protected harbour. Some of our best charters have been had when it was storming. Our guest book consistently bears testimony to that. Very rarely are we confined to moorings. And if so, few venues offer the rich ambiance of a famous classic cruising ketch with real wind in real rigging, whilst in calm water in a safe port.  Apart from having a comfortable saloon and four cabins we also have an enclosed cockpit. We can seat about 7 – 8 people in the cockpit so if it is going to be tropical weather you need to bring a rain coat and umbrella unless you wish to enjoy cooling down in the rain after a hot day as most of our northern hemisphere visitors like to do. The weather forecast for the day is available from
http://www.weathersa.co.za or check our Facebook site for the latest weather info.


See our Facebook site at  
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Richards-Bay/Yacht-Sweet-Waters/166836190988?ref=mf and ‘like’ it. There are lots of photo’s and videos shared on that site.

Details of vessel, crew and Port Sail Charters

The Yacht Sweet Waters is a 49 ft luxury charter yacht with toilet facilities, shower, fully equipped galley, fridge, freezer, three double cabins, one single cabin, teak decks, an enclosed cockpit, lots of deck space, a gas braai and so much more, not to mention the wonderfully graceful “olde world” atmosphere permeating it. We regularly sail on two-hour trips - a graceful sail with just the foresail through the harbour. For those wanting an adrenalin rush we can put up enough to lean her over and get the spray flying - yes even in storms in the bay.

For your interest, the vessel and its history is detailed on our website at http://www.portsail.co.za/index1.html We seat 20 people, at present the highest capacity for any charter operation in the Bay.  We also have the only passenger vessel safety certificate rated for day and night and any weather conditions. Our vessel is licensed under the strict survey conditions applied by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) (see  
http://www.samsa.org.za ). Licenses are issued by the National Port Authority http://www.npa.co.za under the International Safety Organisation regime  (ISO code). The vessel is licensed to carry 20 passengers and three crew within the port limits of Richards Bay. The Captain’s license is issued by SAMSA and also carries passenger vessel endorsements covering high levels of first aid, life raft and fire-fighting certification issued by Nova Marine, http://www.novamarine.co.za   as well as radio licenses (issued by Independent   Communication Authority of South Africa  (ICASA http://www.icasa.org.za) and pilot’s exemption certificates issued by the Port Captain’s office. Our passenger liability is in place through Glenrand MIB http://www.glenrandmib.co.za  in JHB under policy No. 1128439 / SC 9895305 for R 1,5 million, underwritten by Lion of Africa http://www.lionofafrica.co.za  Insurance. Details of the conditions of charter and indemnity requirements applicable can be viewed at http://www.portsail.co.za/ticketa5.pdf . Please note that the tickets have to be signed by every person boarding the vessel.

The vessel has been inspected and upgraded for unlimited voyages comprising open water cruising for 8 persons. Each of these charters is individually quoted and arrangements need to be made at least 3 months in advance.

The vessel has also been inspected by SAMSA for Boat Based Whale Watching (BBWW) and licensed for 12 passengers and three crew to 15 NM offshore in daylight hours for the 2011 season. The BBWW permit holder is Umkhomo Whale Tours CC  operating as from the offices of the Dock Side Shack Restaurant at the Small Craft Harbour. (See https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002620518894&sk=info) This vessel was used by Umkhomo Whale Tours, the permit holder for Boat Based Whale Watching in Richards Bay. The operators are members of the SA Boat Based Whale watching Association See

The vessel’s navigation and safety equipment in fact exceeds the South African Maritime Authority’s requirements by far. It boasts extensive navigation software backed up by 3 onboard computers connected to a host of marine instruments, Radar, Autopilot, Plotter, Digital Signal Coding for VHF and HF Marine Radiotelephone,  AIS vessel-tracking system, EPIRB, Sat phone etc. All equipment is of the highest commercial marine grade (See
http://www.icom.com  and http://www.furuno.com) . The Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon is of the latest GPS enabled type (see  http://mcmurdo.com) . The 8 man Viking life raft is of the highest grade and quality. See http://www.viking.co.za  . All of this on a vessel regarded as ‘overbuilt’ by the racing fraternity. Yet, whenever entered it comes first in cruising vessel categories.

Our staff are all professionals with highest sailing, first aid, life saving, fire-fighting and Tour Guide qualifications and experience than any similar other operator in the Harbour.  The owner / Captain is a Yacht Master who is also commercially rated for sailing vessels up to 100 tons in all conditions day and night with close to 40 years sailing experience with many thousands of sea miles logged.  The rest of the crew includes a first mate who is also a Private Pilot, ICASA certified Marine and Aeronautic Radio Telephony Operator, a PH with National Diploma in Nature Conservation and a fully qualified BBWW guide.  What is more is that our Captain, being a retired Strategic Planner registered on the Sydney Stock Exchange maintains the highest integrity regarding Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and Non-Circumvention. So you may pick his brain if you wish, and discuss your deals on board without any risk.

All of this spells for a unique and unforgettable experience which you will want to repeat again and again. From laid-back sunset cruises to storm sailing for the adrenalin junkies there are options for everyone.

Entertainment systems  

The vessel has a radio CD player and matching speakers. A microphone can be used for announcements etc.  
There is a boarding ladder for those who would like to take a swim together with some fins and goggles. For international journeys, the vessel has toilet facilities, change-rooms a fridge, freezer, gas stove and oven and outside gas barbeque.

On international trips we also take along a sailing dingy, a rubber duck with outboard, sea kayaks, Snorkeling fishing and scuba gear.

Best nautical regards,


Izak Labuschagne
CEO Port Sail Charters
Capt. Yacht Sweet Waters
P O Box 101161
Richards Bay, 3901
GPS coordinates - 28°47'38.13"S - 32° 4'44.19"E
Izak Cell       073 1 5678 25
Nicki Cell      084 7722 773
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